The gym shall be known as the 45 MIN FITNESS LLC Management reserve the right to change the pricing. Rules, terms and conditions of the gym without prior notice.
  • Members expelled will forfeit all privileges of membership.
  • Any complaints unresolved at the time of the incident will be referred to and dealt with by the manager.
  • The gym shall be entitled to make alterations, carry out remedial repairs or maintenance without prior notice. Though of course every consideration will be made to minimize inconvenience.
  • No refunds for non-usage of gym facilities.
  • Members must always adhere to the rules.
  • Membership Freezing: The rule on the sentence is as follows:
  • - 3 months Membership - 2 weeks in total up to two freezing periods
  • - 6 Months Membership - 4 weeks in total, up to 3 freeze periods
  • - 12 Months membership - 6 weeks in total, up to 4 freeze periods.
  • The minimum freezing period is five (5) days for any application. Freeze requests whose duration is less than the minimum freeze period will not be executed. You must request Freezing via WhatsApp.

    I can terminate my membership, with no refund of payment being given if I have paid in advance.

    45 min FITNESS RULES
  • Once membership is purchased, you should start with one day.
  • No gym bags on floor, please use lockers provided.
  • No food allowed on exercises Hall.
  • Proper hygiene required, wear clean clothes while working out.
  • Gym clothes athletic shoes must be worn at all times in the Gym.
     Dress shoes, boots or sandals are permitted.
  • Lockers are for day use only-lockers will be emptied at the end of the night
  • Don’t leave dumbbells on the floor, on weight plates, on the bar.
    Return weight plates and dumbbells to their designated places.
  • No moving of gym equipment’s.
  • Use the equipment properly.
  • Ask for assistance from the smart gym staff if you are unfamiliar with equipment.
  • Staff are not responsible for your own personal belonging.
  • members must exit warehouse gym promptly before closing time:
    If you wish to have shower, finish workout with ample time before closing.